PX:: Ability to support badge engagement inside the Iframe

Hi Team,

With the existing design we are unable to map the badge engagements inside the Iframe, so we would love to see them getting supported inside the Iframe.



Dileep Nalla


FYI: @angelo 

Thank you for posting this @dileepnalla. A large majority of our application was built in an iframe so not being able to use badges cohesively across our application is a major pain point for us. We are launching new functionality within an iframe in a few weeks and a number of our onboarding/adoption engagements relied on us using badges in order to effectively communicate with our customers.


Our team at Email on Acid would love to see this adjustment made within Gainsight PX so that we can fully take advantage of the new badge feature!

YES! Our application uses iframes heavily and we’re excited to use badges further. Would love to see this developed in near future. 

Hey @dileepnalla do engagements that are triggered Automatically(normal engagements) work with iFrames. We’re not able to get it to work 😞. Have raised a ticket for the same, but would love your inputs on this. 

Hi @sai_girish,


For the question: Do engagements that are triggered Automatically(normal engagements) work with iFrames.

Answer: Yes.

We support the below scenario’s

  • An application that uses multiple IFrames and controls all of them
  • Application is running as a tenant IFrame under a different application.


Other inputs: If your application is used inside an Iframe, you need to set a few additional attributes to your regular tag, this below document should help you in achieving it.



Let me know if you need any further assistance, happy to assist you further.



Dileep Nalla

Thanks, Dileep, we followed that with our implementation but it doesn’t seem to work. I’ve already raised a ticket for it. Thanks for your help though.