PX: Ability to change the color of the 'X' close icon on the enagements

Need for the ability to change the color of the "X" close icon, especially when the dark color backgrounds are applied to the engagements.

There is way we have by changing the background-color for the element , however unfortunately, that doesn't align with the styling we are trying to achieve. Is there any way to point to a different image for the 'X'?

Ask was people would love to have the ability to choose between a white or black 'x' option in the future.

Got this implemented

Customers can now choose either black "X"icon or white "X" icon based on their color.

For black "X" icon -

background-image: url(https://storage.googleapis.com/aptrinsic-cloud-public-assets/app/engagement-thumbnails/dialog-close-bright-1.svg)

For White "X" icon -

background-image: url(https://storage.googleapis.com/aptrinsic-cloud-public-assets/app/engagement-thumbnails/dialog-close-bright-2.svg)

Hi Dileep,

Yes. You can change the default image of the close button in an engagement. Just navigate to the to the CSS editor. The related element for close button is "px-close-button". The "background-image" is what holds the url of the button. Just replace this URL with your URL for the close button.

Note: If you are using a Guide engagement, once you change the URL of the close button, the new close button will be applicable to all the steps of the Guide (to all the dialogs, and tooltips). When you create a new guide or any other engagement, you have to replace the URL again, to get the required close button.



It’d be nice if you could add a toggle to change the X color without changing the CSS.