Provide ability to specify reporting elements that are not graphed but visible in drill down table

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As a user, I would like to provide certain non-charted table elements that I don't require being considered for the visualization. For instance, I am trying to graph:

ID of Tasks by

Date, Assigned Name 

With the above, I'll get some nice options for output. 

However, the drill down table is not very helpful - I would like to add the Task Subject field. Unfortunately, when I do so, I lose all of my options and am stuck with a table. 

Ideally, a drop down State toggle that will appear for the element (eg in the Gear icon). This State will allow me to "Graph - on/off". If off, then do not consider it when dynamically displaying options.
Hi Steve,

If I'm understanding the above correctly, you can configure the drill down view separate from the data being displayed in the graph. This is available from the Reports 2.0 builder. Once you've built the report, you can click on any data point to pull up the drill down. In the right-hand corner of the drop down there are 3 orange dots. Click here and it will give you the option to include additional data points in the drill down.

Hope this helps!