Provide a drop down option for valid CTA "Types" to choose from when manually entering CTAs

Our CSMs currently use several predefined types of interactions to track activity with customers outside of Gainsight. As we move into Gainsight/CTAs to track all activities, it is important for us to have something like a drop down option when manually creating CTAs to allow folks to choose from a predefined list (so, rather than entering a "Subject I picture the drop down option appearing) and not enter free form text for the CTA Subject . This will enable us to maintain standards for reporting and tracking of our various types of interactions. Examples of the types of Activities we're currently tracking from a predefined set of options are:

  • Account Update: this is more of a catch-all to track interaction with a customer that you want to make note of but is not necessarily tied to a scheduled meeting/milestone.
  • Training Strategy Meeting: A scheduled meeting but not one we can automate through a call to Action
  • Customer Steering Committee Meeting
  • etc (there are several more)
Hi Sarah - We are also working on defining and standarding Customer Success Activities for reporting and tracking purposes. Right now we manage the type of interactions using the Reason Codes. With the approach to predefine CTA's, I see that the Reason Codes may overlap in some areas (for us at least). Can you share how you are using (or you forsee using) the Reason Codes to compliment standardized CTA Subject types? For example, we have Reason Codes that are like "Success Review" or "Coaching/Training" etc. Thanks!
Hi Daria, I see your point in the potential for overlap. What we really need is for the Subject to match the Reason and not allow for the Subject to be modified. I wonder if there's a way already to tie these two together? Ultimately, our Reason codes are  what we need to track. From a UI and reporting standpoint, removing the ability to free-form edit the Subject would solve things entirely for us (I think).
Thanks, Sarah! I like your idea and I am eager to see what Gainsight has to come back with on this topic. 
Does it makes sense to "track the Activities" at gainsight task level instead of CTA level ?