Product Requests

Related products: Gainsight PX

I'm posting this on behalf of a PX customer. Here are some ideas and feature requests:

Customizability of the Onboarding Assistant's design - Changing the coloring of the text after user clicks Guide Activation URL (ex. "Take me here")

Boolean survey with true/false values (not smiley/sad face)

Inconsistent display of engagements in builder and in real-life

Viewing the comments in Survey Performance (without exporting, hovering, or expanding columns)

Viewing the metadata contents of custom events

"Chat bubble" to interact with clients (intercom style) - Use case: Survey appears, minimize survey, come back to complete survey later

On point two, rather than balloon up with different variations on a theme, I'd prefer to be given access to more fundamental tools, like, the ability to add and style an individual selectable response (what would be a question answer). That way we could create a T/F survey or a variety of other things.

Third one is really important to me. I'd like the whole builder to be closer to the end product. This could help the display inconsistencies, but also address how important product context is. (A box is not just a box on a rocket ship background--the product is back there in the real world. Becomes even more important for steps which highlight page elements. That context is critical to the meaning of the step.)