Processing Queue Management

We often find our processes are queued for several hours but we do not have a way to view all items running and/or queued to manage the processes. When this happens, we need to contact Gainsight Support for them to advise what process is causing the delay, which is not efficient for Support or Admins.  

Exposing a Processing Queue will help us quickly see the order of the processing/queued items, allow us to update the order of queued processes based on priority, and identify problematic processes requiring attention for efficiencies. 

There is an existing Idea around a Processing Queue Management feature but it is marked as Implemented because the ability to abort a rule was implemented several years ago.  I wanted to create a new idea to track other ways a Processing Queue would be helpful to Admins.  

Are you talking about what is currently queued or seeing what scheduled item is causing an issue/delay in your daily schedule. If it is the latter you can use the schedule analyzer to determine what is causing delays in your processing.



Which ideally you are seeing a hold up over a few days for the same item before trying to adjust something.


If you are trying to see what is currently queued and the order then yeah no way to see that.

@Wayne thank you for your reply!! @jenniferpa you can go through this article for more information. 


Thanks for your response, @Wayne  I am looking to see all processes that are currently queued as all items may not be scheduled.  


cc: @sai_ram