Prioritize Guides Order

As a PM I should be able to prioritize what order users see my guides in. 

This would ensure that customers see the highest priority guides when we have more than one guide running. 

This is an interesting suggestion @juljohns, thank you.


The only way to currently handle this is within PX Engagement Audience Logic, which allows you to add criteria for the view/completion of a previous PX Engagement. For example:


Guide #1 (highest priority) - no view/completion PX Engagement Audience Logic 

Guide #2 (lower priority) - Guide #1 must have been viewed/completed based on the PX Engagement Audience Logic 



Thank you. I am aware of that logic. That makes sense if you have launched guides in a series. But the use case I am referring to is when you have 30 or so guides live and some are more important than others. So you’d rather make sure that those are prioritized first, so the likelihood of a user seeing them is greater. This is something that all our PMs at Adobe repeatedly request.

We’re in the process of creating many onboarding engagements and we’re facing the same issue as @juljohns . It would be extremely useful to have the same sorting by priority option in engagements as you have for KC bots.


Also, after a lot of testing with running engagements I believe that the PX’s default logic for which one it will show you, if there are more engagements with the same rule, is by last updated. The engagement which is updated last has the biggest priority and will be shown first. It’s not something reliable and it’s far from the user-friendly option so I’m trying not to rely on it at all because even a simplest edit can mess everything up.