Prevent Outreach from sending emails if last refresh of Powerlist failed

When a Powerlist refresh fails all Outreaches that leverage that Powerlist should not send.  

We had a dozen Powerlists failing for a week or more (which we weren't aware of) yet the Outreach kept running on the same list from the last successful refresh of the Powerlist. 
Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for your idea, I understand the gravity of the issue. I have added it to team backlog and will update this thread once we have date for release.
We have just had our 3rd instance of a bunch of Powerlist refreshes failing and we had not idea that they were failing.  In this case they have been failing for over 1 month.  The root cause of this is that there is no referential integrity between data spaces and Powerlists.  You can change something in a data space that breaks a Powerlist and the system doesn't tell you.  In this case we just renamed the Account field for clarity by prefixing it with the object that it was coming from.  In order to fix this we just had to Open each Powerlist and select save.  It would be great if notifications could be setup for when Powerlists fail to refresh.