Prevent inactive users to be available as internal attendees

Hi Team,


Posting this request on behalf of customer. Currently we are allowed to search inactive users and we are able to add them as internal attendees to activities.

Currently we are searching whether the user type is internal or not and are not having any additional filter while displaying the internal attendees.

We have below feedback from one of our customers and wants to restrict the search to display only active users.

Feedback from customer:

While I see the logic in including inactive users who may be relevant, the execution of this is flawed. The correct behavior would be to prevent adding these inactive users to any new activities or journeys once they are inactive.

Currently, the system allows the same activities for active and inactive thereby making no differentiation. It causes more harm than good. I have processes going to users who are no longer with the company and we only find out once the harm is done.

@jagadeesh_kumar_paidimarri This is in our roadmap. We will update once we have a shipping date.

Is there any update when this will be fixed?

This seems like a bug and not something that should require votes as a product enhancement.

Good Morning- I would like to echo the sentiments in the previous comments.  If Gainsight users are inactive (no longer using Gainsight) ‘inactive users’ should not populate as options for internal attendees.  It's creates a very messy interface and skews reporting.  This feels more like a “bug” than what I have been told is “expected behavior”

Hello @soumitrasahu I thought I’d ask if you have an update on when inactive users won’t show up as an option for the External Attendees?


Thank you!


@soumitrasahu Hi just wondering is there something similar to prevent inactive users to not show as option when searching for user in dashboard filters. We differentiate between Active and Inactive users in GS by appending name of user with inactive and inactivating the user but we are able to see those users when we search for that user in dashboard filters for other user. They do seem greyed out but users are still able to click on those greyed out ones. Do I need to put in a new Product idea for it or you can guide me on this.