Power user PX feature: Change engagement template while preserving content

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If I have a lot of engagements but my company changes its branding, or creates new templates to standardize its style, I would like to have a smooth process to update my old engagements to new templates where I can update the engagement to a new template with preserving content. Many larger organizations will have hundreds of engagements across multiple types, and updating them all to match branding or style changes could be prohibitive. My organization is currently facing this with 75-100 active engagements and it’s giving us pause.

Understanding that the content is not necessarily tagged in such a way that makes it easy by default, I imagine this having something like the following workflow:

  1. Go to the Templates tab
  2. Choose a new template
  3. Confirm whether to overwrite existing content or to migrate content (rather than current “this will overwrite existing content” message)
  4. Have side-by-side view of the old engagement and the new template, and allow for drag and drop of new content into different areas of the new template.
  5. Save.

The advantages of something like this is that people will either have to copy their old content out into another program, then paste it back in in funky ways. Alternatively, if they try and update styles to match the new style with the existing content, it’s much easier to end up with style inconsistencies.

@VBennyGainsight I am here with good news for you on the above request! In the September release, we have introduced a way to update the existing templates. Please refer to this article and also let us know if you need any help here.