[Posting on behalf of Customer]- Ability to restrict Picklist values on picklist fields in Call to A

It might be a good idea to have the ability to restrict picklist values based on the CTA type so that we only get a limited number of choices on a dependent picklist field based on the choice of a certain CTA Type I have selected.

Hi Prithvi,

When you mean restrict picklist values, are there custom fields you have created? Or other standard ones like reason, status & priority?

@prithvi_vihari Did you get a chance to view the comments by @aditya_marla ?

Hey @aditya_marla 


Thanks for looking into this. I believe from what I remember the customer had custom picklist fields and wanted to restrict the values based on the CTA type.



Prithvi V

Got it. As of today only the standard picklists (statys/priority/reason) can be restricted/configured based on CTA Type and we dont have it on our roadmap to extend it to custom picklists. Would you be able to share the example of the picklist that you want to control based on the type. One approach would be to have different picklists & add them to the layout based on the CTA type (this would make reporting slightly challenging but it will give some level of control based on the CTA type)