Populate CTA Tasks Through Rules

My team suffers from CTA overload. Many of our CTAs could easily be grouped if we were able to customize the Tasks through the Rules Engine. Additionally, many of the Tasks may be completed already at the time the CTA fires. We could save team members a decent amount of hassle if these tasks could be closed by the Rules Engine. 


Example: Our team addresses multiple Opportunities for an Account at the same time. Today, because we can only link 1 Opp per CTA, we have to fire an average of 4 CTAs per Account, all to be worked together. We’d rather have 1 CTA with 4 Tasks, one per Opportunity. 


If an opportunity closes, but the CTA isn’t closed, you can trigger the close through the Rules Engine. Here’s how: 


But I think in your situation of 4 open opportunities, you are going to have some challenges trying to figure out which CTA to close if you aren’t able to link each individual opp. 


If there was a way to split IDs in a text field like the below product idea, it might work. But this is currently not available either.