Please make Time Zone option in the Data Designer wider and also support "Hover Over" for ease of use

In Data Designer > Configure, the TimeZone field is not wide enough. Time Zone names are cutoff, and "Hover Over" is either not supported or not working, so the user cannot differentiate between the options based on the visible part of the name.

Today, one must guess, then over whatever option was selected to learn if you guessed correctly.

Screenshot for illustration


Hi @sai33335  

Thanks for bringing this up. We will look into it and update the status as we pick it up.

Running into this when trying to schedule Connector 2.0 jobs as well. I don’t understand why there need to be 5 different options for EST time zone. This should be simplified. US Eastern Time zone is usually marked with New York. That was my initial search term. I spent way too long hovering over each option to find the right one. 


@Ritesh Sharma @pgeorge @rakesh - can you share an update on status for this, please?

Noted. We will roll-out the fix on the connector schedule page very soon (probably by Sept this year)