Please make it so each Reasons is associated with a specific CTA Type

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We have a list of 20+ reasons. Some of these reasons are only used when CTA type = opportunity, some reasons are oly used when CTA type = Risk. 

When creating a CTA our SMs need to scroll through a long list when half the Reasons are not applicable. 
Thanks for the feedback Harris. I also believe that the option to have reasons by type is valuable. 
Thanks for posting, Harris!  And thanks for responding, Sidhu!  For all of these drop-down options, even having a 'search' would be helpful.  Once a CSM has used Gainsight for a while, we know what reasons we need so to be able to type "Training" (for example) & have it come right up would be great.  
Even within the "Event" type; having some ability to search, sort, and otherwise filter CTA reasons would be very helpful.
I was about to post a new idea to the Community and noticed this post so I figured I would add my comments here.  I would LOVE (!!!) to have the ability to set up unique sets of reason codes for each CTA type to ensure that the reason codes are relevant for that CTA type.  That way we could tailor the reasons to fit the nature of each CTA type.
Same with Kimberly here - was searching for similar feature request before posting a new one. 

With the recent ability to customize CTA types, we are going more granular and specific on the cockpit management and reporting. I already have 15 reasons, but it will only expand. with 3-5 reasons designed specifically for each type. 

I would very much share the frustration that Harris had, since it makes my team much less efficient every time they manually create a new CTA and leads to increased data fidelity issue, since they opt out and just pick what's on the top.

Search ability is one step forward, but really, it's the look-up relation btw CTA type and CTA reason that I would be advocating for. Thanks. 

I'm posting too! I noticed this thread is older, and we launched Gainsight in April, but we're already finding this to be an issue, even with only 8-10 reasons. Users are selecting the wrong reasons based on types and it's making our reporting muddy.

It would be great to have this feature!
I'd like to add my support to this as well. It seems like this should be pretty basic functionality given how Salesforce is built. Being able to have a restricted list of reasons codes depending on the CTA type created will be insanely valuable for granular reporting.
We are considering this for next quarter; will share an ETA once the project is picked up. 

What else would you say should be dependent on the CTA Type? Status perhaps?
I'd like to add my support to this request.

While I can think of cases, where a certain type of definitions of Types/Reasons might make the same reason part of several types - I do think that adding a parameter that allows creating this dependency is good to have.
I'm adding my vote as well.  We're rolling out Gainsight starting with manual CTA creations just to get a couple CSMs and one account manager familiar with the system.  The multitude of reasons across all CTA types leads to input / reporting errors and time lost sorting through reasons to find the correct one.
Voted! We'd really like to see this too. We have a longer list for Risks, as we detail all the reasons they may be at risk. For Events, we have a much smaller list of engagement points. Thanks!
Hey GS team, I'd also like to add my voice to this.  We have a lot of Risk, and expansion CTA types an it makes scrolling through the list tough.  Please consider this feature.  
Thanks Manu! This is something that has a lot of votes and it seems like every Gainsight employee I speak with thinks it is a good idea as well. Do we have any idea on if this is prioritized or slated for an upcoming release?

More so than having a search feature, there is a governance component here as we want to make sure our team is only selecting a reason when it is supposed to be used and does not skew our reporting.

Associating CTA reason, status and other attributes with a CTA Type will be available in Feb release.


This is fantastic!
Nitisha this is great news! Is there any way we can see what the functionality looks like in advance to ensure it i will deliver the desired result?
Thanks for the update!

This capability is available now.


Is this what is now called reason categories? What is the best way to associated a group of existing reasons to make it so they can only be selected when the CTA type is a risk or an opportunity, etc. 
Hi Harris,

'Categories' are meant to solve the problem of being able to report consistently across the organization. For example, three divisions using Gainsight might have three variants of the same CTA Type that make the most sense to them. But at the organization level, we ideally would want to club the three together under the same bucket or category. 

To define Reasons specific to a CTA Type, you can pick the right option from this drop-down and then add the codes there:



Hi Manu, I'm a bit confused. The way we envisioned this functionality would be that from the Administration > Call To Action settings we could make it so that a specific reason could only be used if the CTA type was already defined. For example if we want 10 reasons to only be available if the CTA type is a risk, how can we define this? Are you saying that is what categories are meant for? Should we align our categories to the types of CTAs we have?
That's not what categories are meant for. Categories are just a reporting construct to meaningfully group reason codes, etc. together. If you want to tie 10 reason codes to the 'risk' CTA type, you can select that type from the drop-down (screenshot I shared above) and start adding reasons. 'All' contains reasons that apply to all CTA types, not just risks.
OK so where are we able to find the functionality from the original request posted 2 years ago that I'm assuming Nitisha is referencing when she says this capability is now available. 

Just like we can associate playbooks to CTA types we should be able to do the same for Reasons. That was the original request. 
I agree Harris!
If I go to Admin and CTAs> and go to Call to action reason and move the drop down from All to Event, I see no records found. Are you saying I need to re-add all of them in each bucket and we'll accomplish what we are looking for?