Playbooks: Add a "description" field to Playbooks; provide a better view of available playbooks to

Our CSMs want visibility into the library of available playbooks.  Right now we have to maintain a separate document outlining the playbooks by segment.  This will not be scalable long term.

We need the ability, first of all, to add a Description to a playbook (similar to the way we do a Rule)  so that at a glance a CSM can see the general purpose of a playbook.

Second, there should be a separate pane in which a CSM can browse the playbooks.  This will be important for our High Touch segment especially because there will be a sizeable number of CTAs that are created manually and having better visibility to the available playbooks will give CSMs more flexibility in selecting appropriate playbooks.

This pane should be visible regardless of Playbook Permissions settings.
There is a comment field on Playbook that can be used to capture the description of the playbook. This comment/description is not visible while applying a playbook to a CTA and it a great idea to expose this to understand the purpose of the playbook. 

Also while browsing for playbooks, I think it will add a lot of value to show popularity (# time used) and success rate (% times playbook resulted in a Closed Success) along with description. Let me know your thoughts. 
Sidhu, I think those are good options to include...but I think we need a more robust way of viewing/searching for Playbooks - both via the Playbooks pane in Cockpit as well as when an end user is attempting to Apply Playbook to a CTA.  

In a related note, I opened this idea as well, for adding the ability to "tag" playbooks with specific keywords:
I agree with Jeff! It would great if there was a way to search when as a CSM, you go to add a playbook. Even if it was just something simple like in SF where you can start typing the item you want, and the list will go there. For instance, we use acronyms for at the beginning of the playbooks for each of our teams, so if I went to add a playbook and typed EMEA, it would be great for it to go right to those playbooks.
We have had CSMs select the wrong playbook because there isn't enough information available and it is not feasible to expect ops teams to maintain a separate, external document with such detail OR for CSMs to reference such a doc externally.

There needs to be a way for CSMs to get more information about the playbook from within GS when they are in the process of creating a CTA. The current implementation is not user-friendly.