Person record - Full Name

The field on “Name” on Person record is a system field for capturing the “Full Name” of the record. There are two additional fields “First Name” and “Last Name”.

It would be great to make the “Name” field a formula field with “First Name””space”“Last Name”.

We had to build a custom field for this, call it “Full Name” and use that instead using the formula.

Oh! and it is still painful and didn’t solve the problem, because the person list in C360 does not allow me to remove the “Name” field!!

Simple ask but effective. If not by default - Admins should at least be able to choose how they want to configure this field.

SFDC has this logic built it. You always enter first and last name and it shows the full name automatically.

@aparimala thank you for sharing the inputs here. Redirecting this to the product team to check the possibility.

@aparimala Can I know how the First and Last name fields are populated? 

Are they populated in Bulk using Rules or Jobs, or are they populated manually from the C360?

In the bulk options if all the three fields are mapped, the Name field would automatically concatenate the strings from First and Last name.

We are also working on improving the experience to bring the behavior across all input areas.


Thank you


We are bulk updating first name and last name and full name for contacts from SFDC to GS using SFDC Connector jobs.

With the connector job - the update is one to one mapping for all the 3 fields (first, last, full names) to the fields in GS Person record.

We also have records that come from other sources through rules engine (upsert action). Person section is where our CSMs go to update/add/enrich a record.

When updating a record (irrespective of the source), if first name or last name is updated - the full name should reflect this change or vice versa. 

Right now my experience is that you have to update all the three fields independently which is redundant and causes gaps when using Person records for JO programs as one of the use cases.


Hi @aparimala 

You’ve been heard, the Person Admin section is planned for a revamp on our near term roadmap. We will be mindful of accommodating multiple changes in terms of selecting fields by the admins.