Permissions for Co-pilot, Survey, Vault, Dashboards

Customer would like the ability to be able to assign permissions for modules of GS by either the profile level (in SFDC) or by permission sets assigned in GS (standard, admin, etc.). 

I don't think this is possible at this time. 
I love this idea since I myself have been thinking about this direction. One point of clarification, does the need end with just the module level permissions or is there a need to also support more granular permissions like analyzing or distributing a survey via permission sets?
Sidhu, I emailed Tom directly (customer requesting this) and provided him a link. I will let him put his input. 

Personally, The more flexibility we have in applying permission sets in GS would be helpful. 
Actually, I think my original request was about Vault, Co-Pilot, and Playbooks - not Surveys.  I must have either made a typo with my original support ticket, or Steve did when creating this feature request.  
Tom, Sidhu  isn't asking about the different modules (survey, vault, copilot, etc.) he is just asking about the different ways you'd like to see an admin be able to apply a permissions set. (i.e. Only via the permission set, by SFDC profile, OR by individual user). What are the different options you'd like to see here. 
Also, with most of our features we offer Module Level Permissions AND individual permissions. (i.e. module level = can edit all playbooks individual level = can only update play books that meet X criteria) Is there any requests for changes to this approach as well?

Another thing I would like to see here would be the ability to assign multiple permissions from JUST the user level on one screen, for example:

Name            Copilot     Vault    Playbook   Survey 

John Doe          Y             Y            N               Y 

Jane Doe          N             N            N               Y

Does this make sense?
I think it would be really nice to say "All users with Gainsight Standard permissions can view Copilot", or "Only users with Gainsight Admin permissions can view Copilot, Vault, and Playbook. 

like this:

Permission Role Copilot Vault Playbook Survey Copilot Admin ...etc

Gainsight Limited N N N N N

Gainsight Standard Y N Y N N

Gainsight Admin Y Y Y Y Y

My tables got squished.  The "Copilot Admin ...etc" is supposed to all be on that first line
I understand 🙂 makes sense. 
I want to give a Director permission to Edit Dashboards, I don't see that option in Dashboard Permissions, only view. How do I do that?