Percentages in Dashboard widgets


In Gainsight PX, provide a dashboard widget that provides the ability to create a % based metric - ex. users who used Feature A / users who used Feature B.  

It would also be helpful to change any existing widget into a % - ex. weekly active users / all users, users who used Feature A / all active users, etc.



Percentages normalize data and trends.  Raw counts are often vanity metrics that feel good but don’t show trends as count change (ex. weekly active users).


Supporting Information

Thank you for the product idea!

Support for “calculated fields” is on the roadmap for this year.

Any news on when the ‘calculated fields’ could be released to production?

Where will this functionality be available - only in the dashboard app or in others as well (engagement, audience & account explorer, etc?

This is a really important functionality we are missing on a daily basis.