People Maps Active vs. Inactive contacts

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I was shocked to see this to be an enhancement. Currently in the GS NXT version, the people maps search list includes both active and inactive contacts from the company person table. Which is odd cause we would not want to build an org chart from inactive clients. 

Not sure if this is an easy fix but this is a high priority for us. @kate_peter @kate_green 

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@darshana.shah since this is an existing functionality change, I want to consider other customers interest too on this request. Thanks for sharing it here!!!

@All Amigos, I would request you to up-vote here if you are interested on this. 

Hi @darshana.shah 

We currently allow inactive contacts in People maps. This was to accommodate the transition of contact from Active to Inactive in People maps. We would not want the change to delete the contact from the map. This contact could later be replaced with an active replacement.

But we understand the pain point of having to filter between all the contacts to look for active ones. Will a visual element to identify Inactive contacts help here? 

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That makes sense. A visual would be helpful. Another great option, if the list can mimic the contact list, where all the inactive are at the bottom of the list. If that is possible I think we can make that work.  

That is a good idea @darshana.shah 

I will check if it is possible to bring the sort capability to the contact list

Will keep you posted.


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We use a custom field to assess active contacts that has a checkbox. We would want to apply this checkbox as a filter to the contacts that appear for addition in People Maps. We would want to do this from the administrative side so that end users are not positioned to see/add inactive contacts


In addition to being able to only see active contacts, we have a few custom fields that we would want an end user to see/filter on when adding someone to a People Map. These include:


  • Key Contact at Account (this has a true/false value)
  • Contact Type (defined list of roles like System Administrator, BPO, Executive, etc.)
  • Decision Maker (This field contains various product names to easily identify which module a contact owns)