Pause Content without Having to Remove it from K-Bot

Hey Folks,

Have you ever needed to make a minor update to an engagement but were locked out because it was active? And then you go to pause the engagement to make the quick edit, but again, blocked because the engagement is also housed in a K-Bot library.


It would be really great if we could make an update on the fly without having to:

  1. Start on the engagement you notice has a spelling error
  2. Find the Right K-Bot where the engagement might be housed (there is no way to know without looking through each K-Bot)
  3. Find and remove the engagement
  4. Go back to the engagement launcher and pause it
  5. Go to the engagement editor and make the update to word or phrase
  6. Go back to the engagement launcher and launch it
  7. Go back to the K-Bot and find the engagement again (BTW it is no longer in the same order as it was when you removed it, so you will need to search through every engagement available to every K-Bot.)
  8. Add it back to the Bot.
  9. Re-order it  in your K-Bot Menu and/or assign it to a Category.
  10. Save the K-Bot

Recommendation: Allow for an engagement to be paused and edited while simply “hiding” it in the K-Bot. Once it is launched again, everything returns to as it once was. This “hide” mode is already identifiable in the K-Bot as the engagement shows as Paused. But a “hide” mode would allow one to maintain the structure of the K-Bot while making an update to the engagement itself.

This would be immensely helpful for minor edits, replacing graphics, updating release notes, adding/editing translations, etc.


Shows the engagement cannot be seen at the moment


Sorry Everyone, I noticed @cakrit  already has a similar request, so I am linking them here.

Improve the development lifecycle for engagements


Please vote for both. I liked @cakrit ‘s use of branching as an option as well. I like the sophistication of that as an option better to than simply hiding the engagement in the k-bot as it would allow for real time editing without even having to pause or clone a particular engagement; but I think the “hide” option would be a small easy step in the direction of full branching capabilities.

Yes, this has been a pain! If we haven’t yet launched the KC bot to customers, I pause the KC bot, because then I can pause and update the engagement without having to remove it from the KC bot.

I also found another request by @kevin_ly 


@mmarques Wondering if we can pause a live bot after hours to make the update? Thanks for the tip.

@mmarques Wondering if we can pause a live bot after hours to make the update? Thanks for the tip.

Yes, if you can find “after hours”, that is the easiest way to make the updates. I had to apply updated CSS to engagements in 2 of our KC bots, and that is what I did. However, these bots were not yet available to customers, so I only had to work around QA hours. 


After we go live in production to customers, we’ll likely have to go through the pain you mention.