Patch option for External APIs

Hi All,

We have a use case  - Our CSMs use Gainsight ,and our Sales team use our CRM - Hubspot.

As there is no direct way of syncing Timeline Notes from Gainsight to Hubspot ,we use External APIs to do this, based on the below Hubspot API documentation:

To give our Sales Team visibility to the Notes added by the CSM ,especially in case of a Back to Sales(If the customer is not a fit)
Based the this doc - to create a new note in Hubspot ,i should use POST - using which I am able to send newly created notes from GS to HS.
However to update a note ,I should use PATCH - However i do not see this option in the External Actions .

How would you recommend updating edited Notes from Gainsight to Hubspot via APIs(or any other option)?

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