Out-of-the-box event-based or triggered surveys

I'm working with several customers who are interested in being able to set up surveys based on specific events (or triggers).  For example, configure Gainsight so that a survey is automatically sent when implementation is complete for a customer as denoted by a change in stage.   While this is possible with Gainsight Services via a SOW, it would be ideal to put the power of triggering surveys in the hands of Gainsight admins.  Anyone else interested in this capability?
Definitely agree. This is a big requirement for us. What we're doing with NPS can't be considered transactional without it.
This is a top priority for us as well.
Yes!  I would love the ability to create my own surveys tied to event based triggers (for example, 30 days after go-live)
Ditto to Elaine for posting, Gabe, Nicole, and Andrea's comments!  We need this!
A very common request
Would you like to trigger surveys based on an event via copilot?

Once the enhancement is completed, It would work like this,

  1. Create a power list in CoPilot, with the required criteria like 30 days after customer created
  2. Build the email template in CoPilot instead of SFDC templates, you will have an option to insert a button or link which will be replaced with the unique survey URL for each participant.
  3. When you configure the outreach pick the right power list and email template and schedule the outreach to run everyday and select the option to send this email with Survey only once in Lifetime.
This triggers the survey once in a day if the criteria has met. 

Let me know your thoughts on this! Vote for this enhancement by hitting like.
Sundar, I know some customers would like it to repeatedly trigger, every X days from a specific date (created date, start date, contract date - data that is on the account object). Would the enhancement conceivably be able to cause a repeated triggering, rather than once in a lifetime?
Yes Tracy, 

You will be able to do it with the filters that looks like this

Contract date = Rule date - 30days


Contract date = Rule date - 60 days.


and so on... 

Here the limit is only the number of filters that you can add. The limit on the # of filters is 26, so you can imagine how long you can go with this.
This is one of the biggest game changers for us! We really need to be able to assess the health of customers after a given event automatically so that no one falls through any manual cracks.
Sundar, what about something like Contract Date = Rule Date - (MOD(Days on Program, 30)) so that it truly is repeating forever and ever?
Agreed--without allowing us to plan for the full life-cycle of an account with a formula like the one Douglas mentioned this feature might be incomplete.
This is a really crucial part of NPS and companies like ours are hesitant to implement NPS without the ability to scale it as Sundar is describing. I spoke with at least 3 other companies at Pulse that are writing custom code to try and make this happen currently. 
You can create a formula field (checkbox) in Account or CustomerInfo object and have this formula

IF(MOD((DATEVALUE(LastModifiedDate) -  DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)),30) = 0, true, false)

Here I am taking difference between modified_date and created_date and seeing it is in multiples of 30 and setting the checkbox to true. You can stored date field or use NOW() which gives today's date and achieve the same

Use this checkbox as a criteria in copilot while creating the list.
This would be really awesome for us. We would like to survey people 1) after a case is closed in SFDC as well as 2) periodically based on their plan start date. We can implement #2 manually but currently it doesn't appear that we can do #1 out of the box. Looking forward to hearing more about this in the future!


Quick question, Since you can schedule the outreaches to run only once per day, are you okay in sending out the surveys for cases closed batched to once in a day?

Hi Sundar- Thanks for commenting so quickly! Yes, sending the survey in a batch once per day would totally work for us. To give you more context ideally the implementation would be something like this: If a case is in a resolved state for 2 business days that will trigger the contact attached to the case to get added automatically to the survey batch for that day. Once the survey has been completed by the contact the results get added to their contact record (and in our case a custom object record as well).

I believe right now I could set up a survey each day and add participants manually based on the above criteria, but an automatic solution would be much more scalable. Let me know if I can do anything else to help or if you have any questions!
Hey All

Just stumbled upon this and have not seen any activity for the last 3 months. This is something we are currently looking at too especially in regards to the training case.

I.e account manager opens a CTA adding a milestone to say hey we are conducting a training. Finishes training closes CTA attaching documents used and notes on what was trained on.

Next step is when an automated survey/copilot with survey function would be brilliant however 

  • Automated as soon as CTA is closed AND
  • To the contacts that were on the call and trained not all contacts under that account.
  • Plus a way to analyse the above to show how much training perhaps took place for that account in a time period and results.
Any ideas? 

I wrote some notes out to our AM in GS below of some research I did on the approaches we could take.

Let me know if anyone has a Eureka moment or if this is just an idea for now?

Co-pilot Approach

  • AM/CEM edits/creates an outreach filtering to the users they trained by email address.
  • They then use a recreated template with the Survey link inside and sends the email

The advantage with this approach is that the email is personalized with their email address and name as appose to a generic email address and powerlist is filterable to their outreaches. The UI is great plus a link to any training materials can be attached here too. The problem here is that we have some duplicate data on contacts which you cannot remove and in addition if the filter is by lets say Account name as appose to user details again you cannot select the users you want the outreach to go to.

Survey Tab Approach

  • User goes into the Survey tab
  • Selects the pre-made

The good thing here is that they are able to select who they want to distribute the survey to once filter has been chosen. However the UI is a little complicated especially as ALL AM users will be adding to the distribution list on the ‘same’ survey template created. In addition the email is send by a generic email and no other info but survey goes out. Someone could also by mistake send the survey to all users thats on the prepopulated distribution list.


Thanks for posting here Naquiyah! I was just looking at this and agree that if we can build the Survey to be sent after CTA closure, this would be ideal. I have an idea, that I'd love to hear what our product team thinks about 🙂   When using CTAs, you have the ability to associate 'Contacts' at the customer. When building the Co-Pilot campaign, it looks like you can select the CTA 'contacts' as the recipients in the Power List. This would allow your team to ensure the right contacts are included prior to closing the CTA, so that the Co-Pilot email + Survey would go to the right folks at each account. Let me know what you think about that option! 

I would love this usecase to work the way Kelly commented but unfortunately CTA contacts is not an option in Copilot powerlist. We are working on a better approach to send surveys on closure of CTA or a support case. However timing is TBD. Will keep you posted on this.

Thanks for your feedback. It adds a lot of insight into our design for future.

Thanks guys

I will open it as an idea as having associated contact to generate a power list is gold!

Thanks for having a look at that Sundar