Option to notify if 0 results success for Rules Engine

I think it would be cool if there was a 3rd option for notifications in Rules.  Right now, we provide "On Success" and "On Failure" emails, but what if we did a "On Zero (0) results" option.

My thinking here is, perhaps you consider 0 results a failure.  But we treat 0 results as a success.  However, most people don't want to get, and don't have the time to parse through, one email for every rule they have for the success emails.  Even if they focused solely on the rules that they wanted a success email for capturing 0 results, its still not really a "success".

Also, the look/messaging of the email could be changed to reflect its a run with zero results, therefore bringing attention to a rule that really ran unsuccessfully, potentially because of a failure further up the data chain.  This would make sure that we are managing from a true workflow/business process flow standpoint, rather than just individual rules/rule chains.
+1 this is a good suggestion!
Expanding based on suggestion from another customer: Actually be able to min/max expectation so that you get an alert based on the rule not at least hitting results.
Love this ^^^. Even better!
Imagine you were to have feature that triggers the rules only when the data ingest is complete instead of a scheduler.

Team is right now working on an option to trigger the rule after the S3 ingest or data load is complete. Even in this scenario we should have a timeout scenario where if the data load / S3 ingest is expected at daily frequency and it did not happen today, then notify admin.

Is the min / max expectation worth apart from the above mentioned option? 
This came up for us again this week. We'd love to be able to even put something on the scheduler page like a checkbox, that says something like "Rule should not return no results" if that's checked it would signal a failed rule.
This has come up on my radar again. Wondering if we have any plan to move forward with a notification for these scenarios?