Option to delete MDA dropdown list items

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Currently, we don’t have an option to delete a particular dropdown list item from the UI. I know we can get this done from the backend in some urgent cases. It would be really nice to have a alert that gives all the dependencies for the picklist item and if there are no dependencies then allow the user to delete it?




May be with an option to replace it to another existing picklist when delete available.

Seeing crossover from this post 

I accidentally created a dropdown list (+ dependency)  in the wrong environment and would love to be able to delete it! 

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Sorry for the late response.

Right now we cannot delete Dropdown lists, but you can make them inactive when you try to edit the dropdown list value.


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@Bhawya is it on the roadmap? I don’t think this should be labeled as “workaround available”

Inactive is insufficient. It creates a horrible user experience, not to mention admin experience where we need to ensure any Inactives are at the bottom of the list. Users still see the greyed out options and we have to field unnecessary questions about them. 


@ana_g - We have received feedback on this earlier also but as a dropdown item list would have been used in multiple places, we need to thoroughly analyse this along with dependent teams for a final solution.

This is under consideration, I will update this thread once there is more clarity on the timeline.

@gunjanm - Agreed, hence we are analysing this for a better solution.


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+1 for this - we should be able to delete if no dependencies are found (i.e. no records are using the value)

Alternatively let us update those records with a different value as part of the delete process.

Aside from examples of accidentally creating a picklist option, I don’t think I have many use cases to delete. But the user experience is terrible as-is. If a value is inactive, why can people still see it in the dropdown? (even if it is greyed out?) Even if I can’t delete it, at least let me hide it!!

Adding onto this - While updating the system to match a more standard way of naming, we’re finding there are a LOT of duplicated list because naming was off.  We want to delete those Dropdown lists to not cause confusion in the future. [Our current work around is adding DNU to the name of the actual Dropdown.]

Adding my use case - most of the time when I run into this it is a field we are syncing from Salesforce to Gainsight. I don’t have any control over what the SFDC admins add as values in a picklist, so there have been several times when they remove old values that I’m then stuck with in Gainsight. These values are not used on any record, so it’s really frustrating that I can’t either delete them completely or AT LEAST completely hide them from the UI (I understand graying them out in the UI if there are still records associated with the value, but this is not the case). There have been times where I’ve had to create a new field completely and replace it on all reports, etc. because the experience has become so bad for my users.