Option to automatically change owner on all tasks in a playbook when the owner of a CTA is changed

When changing the owner on a CTA which has a playbook/tasks associated with it, it would be nice to have a pop-up option asking if you'd like to change the owner on all associated tasks as well. We've found that we're frequently changing the owner on certain types of CTAs which have several tasks associated with them. Having to change the owner on the tasks as well as the CTA is not a horrible experience ... but it is taking up time. We can always change task owners as one-offs if needed.
I love this idea. This is one of those things in Gainsight that's not a huge inconvenience but would feel like a big win if it was fixed.
This is actually very important from a data management perspective. As a fast growing company we change AM assignments often and need to reduce overhead when it comes to data management.
This is on our roadmap and will be delivered within the next few months.
@Sarah  Thanks for your inputs. Your point if absolutely valid and We are considering this usecase from two different perspectives - Bulk Update and Individual CTA updates. There are some cases which we have to consider like the User behaviour working on SDFC tasks UI when SFDC tasks are in sync with CTA 's , Handling completed tasks. You will see some of the enhancements related to this in the next releases.
Good News !!!  We will most likely have the mass update actions available from Admin page for May Release
Was there an update released in May for this? I could not find anything under the Admin tab and still have the same issue in the Cockpit.
Hi Dave, It's in Admin/Cockpit Configuration ... there's a "Mass Edit" button in the upper right corner. I've used it twice and it's working like a charm for bulk changes. I'm looking forward to the same functionality for individual updates!
The Mass Update function is good. One issue is that the synched Salesforce task is not also updated.

I would also like to have the option that when changing the owner on a CTA which has a playbook/tasks associated with it, to also change the owner on all associated tasks as well. This is faster for one-off changes to the AM.
Gainsight Team - can you comment on plans to reassign open tasks when the owner of a CTA is changed. This is at the individual CTA level, not mass updates.

As we get further into our deployment of Gainsight, and have more CTAs, the need for quick reassignment of the CTA and associated tasks is becoming more important. It can be quite time consuming to individually reassign the CTA and tasks when there is a new or changed AM. We use the mass edit tool (it has some limitations) but also need to quickly do one-off changes.
Definitely on our plan. We will keep you updated when we have a better ETA. 
We would greatly benefit from this.  Even if it was just a check box that the transferring user had to select (similar to the transfer all opportunities check box when you change an account owner).  
This would be a great addition to the product and a huge help for us. 
Our target is to ship this capability in our Jan 2016 release.
Very excited about the new functionality for handling CTA owner changes (MANAGE CTA AND TASK DUE DATES AND OWNERS).

Can you comment on how closed tasks will be handled? Ideally they would not change ownership when the owner of the CTA is changed.


Owner or due date changes will not be propagated to closed tasks.