Nxt: Ability to add User's Profile Picture in JO programs

Now that we have profile pictures, can we use them as a token in JO email templates? Profile pictures would be a great way to customize email signatures and better engage customers. 

This would be super helpful for welcome emails/new customer onboarding. Is it possible to expose the Profile URL on the User Object and be able to use that in a token on Email Templates?

@john_apple - I agree. It would be extremely valuable if there was a way to pull this as a token in templates.

@gunjanm, @jacqumul, @pedrocandelas, @Jon W, @mathieu.brillon@sacha, @romain, @darkknight, @ky_powell, @perry_rogers, @MeganRoss, @sroma, @cnichols - you might like this one too. I know your not all on Nxt yet… but you will likely want this once you transition to the other side. Feel free to add your feedback. :)

Great idea. We will look into it.


@PavanCh , could you share the possibilities?

This has been talked about at our Company a LOT!  Especially as other Companies have picked this up.

+@manu_mittal on your radar

Yes, this is a great idea.

We will be looking into supporting the usecase as part of our email template builder enhancements.

It would be good to understand - What should the profile picture display when it is not provided / available? 



Any progress on this?