Number of sessions/visits available for filters in retention analysis

In our retention analysis, we would like to focus on those users who used the software at least 3 times (to exclude those that log in once to see what it is). However, the number of sessions/visits is not available as a filter in the retention analysis. This would be a nice small enhancement in my opinion.

Thanks @Jef Vanlaer!  I know that our PX Product team will be adding many enhancements to PX Analytics soon and this is a good suggestion for sure.  @mickey @angelo 


In the mean time, I would suggest picking a Feature/Module and using a threshold for Number of Times Used to accomplish a similar purpose until this enhancement is implemented.  See below:




Number of total times used for a module counts all actions under that module, right? (I thought I read that in another Community post) It would be a work-around, but it's rather hard to identify the right threshold for this.