NPS Survey Question should have an option to show only three options such as Not at all likely, Neutral, Extremely likely

Hi Team,

One of customer is looking to have the NPS Survey Question with three options such as Not at all likely, Neutral, Extremely likely with the smileys instead of having the 11 number as an option. So once they selct and save the survey with any option as an response they should be able to see those responses as an Detractors, Passives, and Promoters Responses.

Hi @SKondreddy is the request to turn the survey question into a 3 response option instead of 11 then? 


If the ask is just to bucket the 11 point score scale into three categories for reporting purposes, this is possible using the “True NPS” functionality:

Hi @dan_ahrens

Customer wants to show only these three as an option at the UI level as well.

In that case they should use a three option survey question type instead of NPS. 


NPS is a formally structured survey methodology that has academically studied statistical rationale for the 11 point scale of 0-10.

You can create a different survey question type with only three question options, but it will not be an NPS survey question anymore. 

@SKondreddy did you get a chance to view the comments by @dan_ahrens. Hope that helps?