NPS Survey | In-Survey Dynamic Follow up Response

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I’m not sure if this has already been posted or suggested, but I thought I would drop the idea here and see if it would be helpful or useful.

We recently thought about switching from running our NPS Surveys from Delighted to Gainsight due to the automation available in Gainsight that Delighted doesn’t offer. Right now when we send a survey through Delighted it sends out to the customer via email, they open up the survey and they are able to respond with their rating 1-10. Once they respond, Delighted allows for us to present a page that is different depending on whether the response is a Promoter, Passive, or Detractor score. For example, if a customer leaves a 3, the next page they would see is, “We are sorry that you have had a poor experience…your satisfaction is our top priority...Please reach out to this email for additional help...”. If they were a promoter they would get a different page that would say, “We are happy to see you are satisfied with our product!”.

We like the customer experience Delighted provides where they don’t have to wait for another email. It’s all in the same survey so they have information they need as a detractor, but different information if they are a promoter or passive. It appears that Gainsight does not have the capability to provide a ‘text box’ after the customer responds to any question. You can obviously add an additional question with specific criteria from the question before, but there isn’t an option to just present a text box with information for that customer depending on what their response was.

We are curious to see if anyone is looking for similar functionality and if this might be something that Gainsight could add in the future. Thanks!

Hi Logan,


This is a great use case. I believe this can be accomplished using some Gainsight features as follows:

You could even simplify things further and make it easy for the recipient by giving them the ability to select their NPS response in the email itself ( and then based on their response, take them to the appropriate survey page with the next question. 

@logancottle did you get a chance to view the comments by @dan_ahrens. Please let us know if you still need any help here?