NPS Close Time

This is our first time running NPS through Gainsight. We have the end date set, but when does the survey close on that day?

Does it end at midnight? 11:59pm? 

Is it possible to have the functionality added where we can select the time the survey ends?
Hi Lane,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Survey ends at midnight 11:59:59 pm. We currently do not have ability to set time for closing survey.

Currently we do not have plans for implementing this time based functionality as majority of customers define end date but not time.

Let me know if you have more questions on this.

Happy to Help !
Lane, it's really important to note that designating an "End date" on the Survey Properties page will not cause the survey to close on that date. It is really more of an internal reference point to indicate the timeframe of that particular survey.

Once the end date has passed and/or you have collected all of the survey responses you want, you should close

the survey from the main Surveys page. To do so, hover over the bottom of the survey card, click the floating blue arrow that appears, then click on the "Close" box. Once the survey is closed, participants

can no longer respond, and the survey cannot be edited in any way. 


Thanks for this! I think that is an important piece that is missing in the education around Surveys. 
It's in the How to Build a Survey support article, but I understand the feature doesn't quite work the way you'd expect!
We just had this same issue where we expected the survey to actually close on the End Date that we entered. I think that this should be an enhancement request as it is the logical workflow. I should not have to go in and close the survey manually if I set an end date. I just want the survey to close on that date. Having to close the survey manually is just extra work that I need to do.
We are also looking for a way to have the survey close after 14 days.
Moving this over to the "Ideas," since we're hearing feature enhancement requests.