Notifications: Add option for users to select to be notified when Co-Pilot email goes to their customer

We have a marketing team that utilizes Co-Pilot to send targeted emails based on segment.  Our CSMs would like the option to be notified when an email is sent to their customer via Co-Pilot.  I know there is a cc/bcc capability in Co-Pilot, but we don't want to A) hard-code every individual CSM to the it or 😎 email an internal mailing list because we want the notification to be relevant. In other words, when an email actually gets sent to a customer, send a notification to the CSM (one per customer per campaign)
I second this.  We are going to be sending surveys via Co-Pilot, it would be great for the CSMs to get an email notification when a survey has been sent to their customer for added visibility into the pending items for specific contacts.
Hey Jeff,

In option A, instead of hard-coding the CSM's email, you can select CSM's Email field and it is replaced with that account's CSM.

But this will not be one per customer, it will be one per contact.

Does this help or will it be too many emails for a CSM? 

Tracy, I hope this should address your ask. 

Thanks for your valuable feedback.
Thanks Sundar. This won't work because what we need is the ability for CSMs to opt-in.  Some folks won't want the additional email, some will.  Adding this to the Notifications would be hugely valuable.
Are you already including the Emails Sent as a view in your Customer 360?  This would make it visible to all CSMs.  Not exactly what you are asking for here but may be useful for all of your CSMs.
Yes we have an Emails Sent view however this would require CSM going in to check every C360 page for new emails sent.  What this request is asking for is, much in the same way of receiving an email notification when a CTA is triggered, to have an email notification when a new email has been triggered to a customer.  Some CSMs want that level of notification, while others do not.
Thank Jeff.

We are planning to build a model around customer touches where a CSM would be able to subscribe for the notifications of the touches made on the customers they manage. This is planned for H1 of 2016. Until then the CSM's who want to opt-out can create a filter for these emails in their mailbox to reduce the noise.