Non-admin users should have access to build, view, and edit reports

Similar to SFDC, users should be able to create reports ad-hoc and view existing reports. I'd also want to view reports WITHOUT having to include them in dashboards / 360. "Reports" should be a standalone top nav menu.
That is possible.  See the instructions here for how to add it as a tab outside of the Administration tab so that users can build their own reports (this does not include building their own dashboards/layouts)
Great. Thank you!

We are ideating the concept of permissions in report builder and allowing non-admin users to create reports is definitely a feature that we are considering. Please stay tuned for further updates.

This is a big need for us as well, but I am curious about a few things:


- Would this give end users the ability to edit the reports created by Ops teams? There needs to be  a way to abstract the Admin-created reports so that the end users can't mess with them.

- How would you expect to organize and manage the volume of reports that will create from an operations perspective?  It's already a bit cumbersome searching through the reports as it is without opening the floodgates to end users to create their own.  

- It seems a bit clunky to have end users be able to create their own reports, but have no dashboard to organize them.  Similar to the way that the Customers tab has a default "My Customers" view, under the Gainsight tab there should be a "My Dashboard" view which includes the ability to attach reports that the end user created.
Do we have an update on this? Are there plans to create functionality for non-admin users to create their own reports/dashboards?
Is this functionality still available?  The link to the support article is broken.
We switched our documentation platform so the links changed - article is here
Thanks, Denise.  Are there any other admin permissions that work this way today?  e.g. dashboards, views, CTAs etc ...
We do allow for special permissions to be granted for Playbooks, Copilot and for Surveys so that those can be built and managed by someone who might not be the main Gainsight Administrator.

Also we have heard from a number of customers on reports and dashboards - but have not heard too much around CTAs or other GS features.  Can you share some other use cases you are wondering about?
Is there any update regarding Jeff's point of keeping admin created reports behind some sort of wall?  While I understand we can give anyone access to Report Builder, we aren't even going to consider it until we can ensure they can't accidentally edit/delete reports we've created for dashboards, 360s, etc...
Maybe it needs to be split out into its own idea, though you would think this would have been a primary requirement. Anything that would allow End Users to inadvertently affect items that Admins developed should always have access controls built around them to protect the Admin configuration.
We are currently working on adding permission to folders to allow you to protect who can read/write/create within those folders.  So that would be the way you would be able to protect the admin controlled and built reports and dashboards.  The plan is tentatively for our Winter '18 release (Feb).

@denise_stokowski is this already a feature today to add permissions to folders to read/write edit reports? I would like to know how one can edit the reporting permissions and manage users’ reporting ability.

We have three categories of permissions in mind ideally that works for us.

  1. Run adhoc reports to export, meaning cannot save/store (read only/viewer license or custom limited access users)
  2. Edit reports in permitted folders (standard users)
  3. Create, Edit, Delete reports in permitted folders (standard users)

All this while keeping the current Admin permissions as a master permission set.

How would we tackle this in NXT? The big thing I’m worried about is permissions granted to reports that are being used in dashboards and C360 - wouldn’t want end users to be able to update those and mess things up. As far as I know, dashboard permissions can be set accordingly but report or report folder permissions cannot?

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@gunjanm  we do not have granular permissions on reporting yet, but that's something we will work on.


Currently, as you pointed it out all or none. Meaning you can create a navigation bundle to assign access to Report Builder to CSM’s but you cannot control what they can and cannot do

@rakesh is it already on the roadmap? I would definitely love to provide access to end users without giving them the ability to break all other reporting with dependencies :) 

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Yes @gunjanm this is on the roadmap

Updated idea statusPlannedImplemented

This is being rolled out and will be GA for everyone by mid august (Q2 2022) ! 

Look for emails and engagements to help you configure this quickly.