New Scorecard Visualization Mass Edit feedback

At a quick glance of the new Scorecard Visualizations I see a couple of issues right off the bat.


  1. For a manually configured Letter-based score, the letters are not in alphabetical order:


    Also it’s weird that in the filter box they are in reverse (almost) alphabetical order (it was that way in the “old” Mass Edit view as well, which I always thought was odd)

  2. We don’t even have an “E” score - why is that displaying above?
  3. According to the Update Scores and Add Notes docs, if you check the “Add Notes” box it’s supposed to bring up a new Timeline Activity window. It’s not doing that in my environment.
  4. The “Stale” visual indicator is too subtle. I had to look VERY close to tell that if it’s stale there are diagononal lines going through the score.  The ! in a circle was so much easier to recognize.
    Not Stale


  5. The filters are misleading for end users, making it seem like you can search by Grade (Letter), Color OR Numeric scheme, when in fact it only works for the scoring scheme you’re on.  We are on Letter Grade scheme, and In the “old” Scorecard Mass Edit, the filter only allows me to select a letter grade as a filterable option.  Color and Numeric aren’t even options:

    But the “new” mass edit lists ALL schemes as options - but Color and Numeric do not work when you attempt to use them, which will mislead users and lead to more support tickets.



  1. The way Timeline was accessible via the old Mass Edit report was better - you could hover over the timeline icon and see the comments history.  That appears to now be gone and you can only see the “Last Comment.”  This is not a great functionality change because now end users will have to navigate to the C360 in order to see the TL history:
    Old View
    New View (Last Comment only)


These are just a few issues I’ve identified spending about half an hour with this.  Our end users will mostly see this “enhancement” as a downgrade compared to the current functionality.  I don’t feel we can roll this out to our end users until most of this is addressed.

(The “Add Comment” while making a score change will be a nice adjustment, once it’s working).

Gif of “Add Notes” not appearing to work


Gifs showing how the Color column filter doesn’t work but the Grade does:



This is immensely concerning as this functionality of scorecard Mass Edit is what I understand was the latest to reach the reporting horizon experience, meaning it had the least amount of time in beta. This is the most critical part of scorecards for my team, and I could not imagine being forced to move over to the horizon experience for reporting whilst knowing the mass edit report will cause a series of serious issues. I sincerely hope these can be resolved soon in order to provide a better experience for all end users. 

Cc @lindseyyoung5 FYI

This is a CRITICAL function that our teams leverage daily - also one of the very best features in Gainsight from a Customer Engagement prospective. 

This is very concerning — or should be — for all CS Ops Admins. 

This is indeed VERY concerning as most of our clients use the Mass Edit scorecard view and we also always recommend it by default for all new implementations.

While I appreciate this feedback, I can’t appreciate the medium or the channel on which this is called out :worried:.  Please use the right forums and channels.

SCRR (Scorecard Revamped Reports) is currently in its beta program. And we have channels called out for feedback collection.

@abhilesh_khatri  with respect, the Release Notes do not indicate that this is “in beta.”

Under “Scorecard Widgets Designed for Clarity and Efficiency” it says:

Starting with this release, Scorecard Widgets will be rolled-out in a phased manner along with the new Horizon Analytics. All the existing Scorecard Reports will be automatically migrated to the new framework as part of this rollout.”

Under “Horizon Analytics (Reporting and Dashboards)” it says: 

We are rolling out the Horizon Analytics feature in a phased manner. We have turned on the preview phase for a few customers in this release. In the preview phase, you can continue using the existing Reporting feature for the production purposes while you test, learn, and explore the new version of Reporting. The existing reports and dashboards are already migrated to the new Reporting environment to make it easy for you. We will also migrate (upsert) all the new reports created in the old Reporting feature to the new one when we make it available in approximately four weeks from the customer release.

This indicates that within the next 4 weeks (or so) this will replace the Scorecard Mass Edit reports in our environments which would seem to mean that this is “ready for release” and no longer in beta.

In view of the above, this seems like the appropriate medium and channel.

What is the appropriate forum/channel? I want to ensure the feedback is reviewed promptly, given the release timing and critical user workflow implications. Please advise, @abhilesh_khatri, thanks!

End Proctoring-

I’m following just so I can understand why this was not the proper place to post these kinds of things.  I was under the impression that the community was meant for all kinds of feedback. Have I been missing something?

Hi folks, apologies for any miscommunication here. I’ve moved this thread out of Product Ideas and into Product Feature Discussion. Community is definitely the right place to discuss product functionality and share product feedback. :)


Thanks for providing this feedback. We’ll have some more details on our plans for each of these soon (might be tomorrow as the work day in India has ended by now). 

Thanks @dan_ahrens.  Didn’t mean to stir a hornets nest.

I think perhaps some clarification may be needed on the Community categories.  I chose “Ideas” based on the description noting “suggestion for improvement”



I always interpreted “Discussion” as being more for discussions about topics not necessarily related to Product functionality.



Good feedback @darkknight - those tooltips were buried in an obscure area of our community platform and after consulting with our vendor, I’ve found the settings area and made the changes to hopefully make things clearer in the future. :)


Since that “idea” type is linked to our ideation backend, I’ve updated it to show that it’s intended for product feature enhancement requests. 

@darkknight This is a great post - thanks for taking the time to capture all this and start the discussion. Just chiming in to help give this weight.

@darkknight This is a great post - thanks for taking the time to capture all this and start the discussion. Just chiming in to help give this weight.

+1 Jeff, your posts are always SO helpful and guided screenshots are a great way to ensure constructive product feedback. I wish our customers were more like you! :joy:

End Proctoring-

Thank you for all the clear and detailed feedback - we take this seriously.    Jeff - take your point on the documentation making this clear on beta status.  

And we will act on the feedback before declaring the very critical scorecard widget GA as part of our Horizon Analytics release.

Thanks for the attention and support @dstokowski!  I have a question on your last statement, if you don’t mind?

This may just be semantics, but I want to make sure I’m clear:

When you say ‘before declaring the scorecard widget GA as part of the HA release’ - do you mean GS would be holding back the Horizon Analytics roll-out until the Scorecard Widget is GA ready? 


Are you saying that the Horizon Analytics roll-out would continue, just without the Scorecard Widget, until the latter is ready?

Asking only because we cannot afford to adopt the broader Report/Dashboard changes without the Scorecard Widget changes.


Thank you in advance for any clarification you can provide!

@darkknight We understand that the Scorecard Widget is an essential and required component for Horizon Analytics GA.  So yes - we need to make that GA ready before we can GA Horizon Analytics (there are a very small number of customers where this is not the case but majority of our customers are heavily using this widget) and consider this widget as part of the required GA.

Awesome thanks @dstokowski !

@darkknight Thanks for the detailed feedback! We are still in the Beta phase, and this feedback is very valuable for us. We are checking on the issues you raised and we will work on them before GA. Rest assured, we will definitely deliver a stable product when we GA.

Some of the issues you raised are only reproducible in production environments, and that is one of the reasons why we are having this Beta program. I will give you an update on the status of the resolution of these issues soon. Thanks for your patience!


Also, Horizon Reporting will be made GA along with the new scorecard reports.




@darkknight , @gunjanm, @keith_mattes, @bradleymcg , @mathieu.brillon and @davebrown2242  sorry for the delay response here. Community is definitely the right place to share product feedback. Thanks for sharing the detailed feedback here. 

This is in the beta phase and our product team will definitely listen to most of your feedback. 

@darkknight I really appreciate the time you spent to write on the community. That was sudden rainfall of feedback. 

Happy Posting!! 


@darkknight A quick update on the feedback you provided: We have fixed all but one of the issues you raised. Details on the fixes are below.

Thanks again for the detailed feedback, and  we are sorry you had a bad initial experience with the feature. 

  1. We have fixed the ordering of the grades. They will now show ordered grades from lowest score to highest score.
  2. We have also fixed this. You should not see the extra grade anymore.
  3. & 6. Both these issues were because of an issue that was happening for a handful of tenants, and we have fixed it. You should be able to see the scorecard timeline on clicking any measure. Also, the timeline composer will automatically open when you check the “add comment” checkbox. Just want to re-emphasise that we did not remove the timeline functionality, it was a bug. We have, in fact, enhanced the pane to also show scorecard history and other details.
  4. We will go back to the design board, and make this indicator more visible.
  5. This is the one item that we have not yet fixed. The fix for this is targeted for Wednesday, next week.

I hope you will have a better experience after these fixes. We are actively monitoring all feedback on the feature, and fixing them as soon as we can. 

@shantan_reddy Great to see the feedback loop here is alive and well!


 thanks for the quick response/effort!

  1. Confirmed working.
  2. Confirmed working.
  3. Confirmed that I get the Activity pop-up when I check the “Add Notes” box BUT 
    • I don’t see the Comments until I refresh the dashboard (even a report filter reset doesn’t work)  Is it possible to have that automatically visible?


    • Would be incredibly useful to allow Admins to set the default Timeline Activity Type to display in the pop-up.  We have a specific Activity Type to which we want users to log Scorecard TL activities.  When I click “Add Notes” it pops up and defaults to the first one in the list. When I select the Activity Type I want, I get a notification that it will clear any data in the current note. Not the best user experience.
  1. I’m still not seeing TL history when I hover over / click on scores….???


@shantan_reddy additional feedback item.


Today, if you try to delete a report from Report Builder that is in use on a Dashboard, it won’t let you.

Trying to delete a reports in the Scorecard Visualizer prompts you with “This report might be used across Gainsight. Others applications which are using the report might be impacted. Are you sure you want to delete it?”  (This message appears regardless of whether or not the report is actually in use).

But it still lets you delete it if it’s in use on a Dashboard.

That feels like a step backwards.


@darkknight Thanks for the reply!

  • We will look into the comment refresh issue. It’s definitely a bug.
  • The ability to set a default activity type for timeline posts is something we have in mind already. We have de-scoped it from the initial version, but will be made available soon.
  • You can view the timeline by clicking anywhere in the cell other than the measure score area. It seems this is not completely intuitive, so we will improve the UX here.
  • The report deletion issue is a known limitation, and we are currently looking at ways to address this in the new framework.