New badge count feature for the Knowledge Center Bot should consider newly added articles

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I saw that Gainsight recently released a badge count feature for newly added engagements to a knowledge center bot (great feature, thank you!). I’d like to request this new feature be enhanced to use for newly added articles to the knowledge center bot as well.

In the meantime, I have turned on the badge count feature and will only be adding engagements to the bot for now, so our users will know when any new content is available. In other words, I will use a dialog engagement to let users know of a new article and provide a link over to it. This experience has the same # of clicks to get to the article, so it’s a win all the way around. 

I would love to use this feature as well!

Thanks for adopting our new badge count feature into your product!


Yes, adding an option to include articles in the badge count is a great use case/feature PX product team will consider.  Assuming you are referring to the articles that PX allows you to create/host on the KC Bot vs. articles hosted / provided to PX from Knowledge Center integrations (Zendesk, SFDC, etc) as PX would not be able to provide a count on those.



Yes, we are referring to the the articles that PX allow us to create/host on the KC Bot.


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