New Admin page design - feedback requested

Hi Community!

As part of our continual process to improve our platform and user experience we are evaluating making a change to the page that is presented when you click on the Administration menu option. 

Currently the Administration > Customers page is shown. Feedback from a number of you has indicated that you usually skip this page and are only interested in the navigation menu, as your ultimate destination is usually another configuration page (like Rules, Dashboards, Reports, etc). 

The proposed change would present a page with navigation links to all of the administration sub pages. The fly over navigation on the left would still be present, however the links for all pages (and logical groupings) will also be presented and on most screen resolutions, no scrolling would be needed. This would allow you to directly click to the administration page that you were intending to use.

The primary goal being that we reduce the number of clicks and key presses to find a selected administration page from 3-8 down to just 1 click. 

What is your feedback? Would this change be helpful? 

We do have more longer term plans for making the Admin Home page more useful, so stay tuned for future news on that as well. 
I am not able to view the image 🙂
I can't see the image either, but I get the concept and would really appreciate a change like this.  Our CSMs and management have full-page views to navigate through the things that are important to them.  As the admin, I am the one person who does not.  Having to scroll up and down the side bar feels cramped and wonky.  I can't imagine a downside to giving us easier access to the growing number of configurations and tools we use!  

We saw the screenshot on a call and I will say we are heavily in favor of the change. 
Sorry folks, let's try the image here. Let me know if it comes through this time (sometimes our community site is finnicky with images). 

Looks great! The biggest ask would be that you can right click on the various sections in order to open a new tab or that a new tab opens by default when clicking on a section. 

Love the change! 
Yes, this would be perfect!  I have bookmarked the other admin pages because historically the default Admin page took a while to load.  It would be great if you could focus on a speedier load of a menu like this so we can get to where we need to go quicker.
Yes. Can I vote for this 1,000,000 times?
Definitely in favor of the new page.  Anything to reduce clicks and get me where I want faster is a good thing!
Hello Dan,

I think adding help text to a support doc or a brief description once a user hovers over a particular module would be a nice touch.
I would choose this on any day !! +1
+1 for awesomeness
Can we have this asap !!!
Love it, much easier on the eye 🙂
Could you also alphabetize the secondary level entries?
I, for one, have not forgotten this post despite the 14+ months that have passed. Any updates? :)

Hi folks,

Just an update (since it's been a while since the original post). We're revamping navigation in our product and will be following an approach that lets you directly jump to (and search for) any page FROM any page.

See a short demo below. From the main Gainsight home page (dashboard page) I can navigate all other pages, jump directly to a specific Admin page, and even search for a specific page (Rules engine in this example) and jump right to it.

This is a big improvement in just general navigation of the product, especially for Admins.

Thanks for the quick reply, @dan_ahrens ! That actually does look very helpful, especially with an ability to do a quick search.