Need for CTA Permission Sets

Right now there is no way to add permissions to CTAs. Without the ability to lock down the permission to delete a CTA, setting any sort of performance metric based on CTA success rate requires quite a bit of auditing because CTAs can be deleted to artificially inflate win rate.
Thanks for the Post Gurtej. 

Are you looking at restricting the ability to delete CTAs that are created automatically (from rules / Surveys) vs CTAs that are created manually? 

Since users can manually create CTAs, I am assuming that you would still want them to be able to delete those CTAs that were created by mistake or that were created with a wrong CTA type or some other User error. 

Would your performance metrics also be based on the success rate of the manually created CTAs?

If yes how would you imagine to control these permissions? For example, would you want to restrict Users from deleting CTAs that are closed?


Hey Sidhu,

Automatically created CTAs are the priority. I measure success rate across the automatically created CTAs and manually created CTAs independently. Focus is on the automatically created CTAs because those are how we benchmark if our processes are effective or not.

In my mind, the admin control would be for the ability to delete CTAs, and the ability to edit CTAs after they have been closed success/risk. This is similar to permission sets you can configure in Salesforce for opportunities.


Hey guys, following up to see if there are any updates here. I have been speaking with a customer who would also like the ability to remove "delete" CTA function for those who are not Gainsight Admins
There is no ETA yet, but we are actively working on and making progress on the infra to help us in bringing finer control to features in Gainsight.
Great.... Thanks Sidhu

Hi @sidhu @dan_ahrens anything possible here? Comments from the manager of our pro services team who we are rolling into Gainsight (eliminating over the next couple of weeks…

“My team does not like change so I'm pretty nervous about them starting task management out of it on Monday - trying to make everything as simple as possible for them while still getting good data from it. Is it possible to prevent them from deleting the recurring playbook CTA? Currently they are deleting Monday tasks that are incomplete (so it doesn't count against them) and I just don't have enough time to dig into each one now. We are trying to address the integrity part of that, but I'm starting to think I want to reduce any permissions they can use to manipulate what I'm reporting on.”

I need these permissions in order to get this team’s buy-in and adoption! :) 

@jean.nairon @mathieu.brillon any ideas on this from a reporting standpoint? 

@gunjanm I don’t believe this is actively on the plan for the Cockpit team, but I’ve asked the PM to jump in and provide a point of view. 

@dan_ahrens - is there a way to report on deleted CTAs? I don’t think so but just thinking this might at least give @gunjanm ‘s team some insights into what’s being deleted.

I don’t believe so, but @sriram pasupathi can probably confirm. 

Currently we don’t have a way to track or restrict deletion of CTAs. Since the problem makes sense, we will consider this as a part of our future roadmap. Thanks.