MultiCurrency in Data Designer

Hi Team,

In Multi Currency orgs, When we build Data designer and add currency fields we are displaying the values with Corporate currency for currency, if its of different currency then we are converting them into Corporate currency and displaying them. But users reached out to us requesting to display them in local currency instead of Conversion. Can you please look into this and see if this can be added in future roadmap.



Hi Pratap, 

Thanks for raising this. While Data Designer supports multi currency(in corporate currency, without losing monetary value), its not as robust in handling all the multi currency use cases today. Please use Rules Engine which handles multiple data ingest/load scenarios for multi currency to solve this usecase. As we look forward to the future, if customers have more usecases around multi currency handling in data designer we will prioritize it and work on it.

@All, Please hit like, +1 to prioritize this and share what you want to achieve in comment below.