Multi-version support in playbook email tasks and email Assist

It would be great if Gainsight Assist and Playbooks supported multi-version email templates. We are rolling out Gainsight to our Client Success Managers that manage International accounts/clients that speak different languages where this is needed. As a work around, we set up a JO but there are some touch points where this would be helpful. Rather than having multiple individual email templates for each language, or a playbook for each language, we would like to group them.

Hello @stephanienardone, thank you for your post. We’re glad to hear that you are extending Gainsight to your CSMs that manage international accounts. Looping in our Product Manager to take a look at this and suggest what best can be done here. 

Hello  @stephanienardone 
We have this in our Email assist roadmap, only limitation would be you can only select and send one version from email assist as opposed to JO.