Multi-line report

We have a number of dashboards with reports that are a large number of columns and its getting difficult to display all of the columns on the screen. 

I was looking to have the ability to have multi-line reporting something like below:

Line 1: 

Account Name, ARR, Renewal Date

Line 2: 

Account Owner, CSM Name, Rich Text Field 1 


Are there any upcoming options or options to do this today rather than the wrap text option?

@asmith  @jtrivedi @ShahImran1184 - FYI 

Hello @cnichols, thanks for your post. This does seems like a fair ask, looping in the Product Manager to take a look and respond to you appropriately.

@cnichols  - I agree this is something we need to look into on a more longer term view to fix any formatting/display requirements admins and users have. 

to confirm the example that you quoted it will eventually look something like this - ( which is a pretty complex to implement even in excel )