Move Timeline Activity from Company to Relationship

We are using Relationships to differentiate between products and in our case also the CS team working with the customer. Therefore, our team should always log activities on the Relationship Timeline instead of the Company Timeline. Sometimes, that goes wrong and currently, the only solution is to recreate the Activity on the Relationship Timeline and delete the one on the Company Timeline. It would be great if the Activities could be moved, for example by updating the Related to field of the Activity.

I would appreciate an answer for this as well. I have one account that is logging email to timeline in C360 but it should be R360. Aside from looking for the reason for that, the ex who owns the account would like to avoid manually reentering the 20+ activities he had manually added, aside from the emails he sent using the email to timeline feature. He has just started using Gainsight and is frustrated but this, he has asked for a solution to transfer the content he entered from C360 to R360 without spending another 4 hours just copying the activities to R360. Answers would be appreciated even if it is not possible to easily transfer the activities like we are hoping there is.

We are planning to enable this feature for admins first so that they can mass edit such requests. This is planned in the short term. We will then enable it for end users too.

We use Relationships to manage individual licensed groups within a Company (Account) and on occasion, a Contact can be mapped to multiple Relationships. Using Email to Timeline then mistakenly classifies the Email to the wrong Relationship’s timeline, and I have no way to correct that. We also have the same issue as others where sometimes folks log activities at the Company level and it needs to be moved to the Relationship level. We are really looking forward to having control over changing these mappings in the near future. A timeline would be great so we can plan accordingly.

Due to a few other priorities we were not able to make progress on these enhancements but they are still a part of our roadmap.

The mass edit feature to give the capability to admins to bulk move activities is planned for H1 2021.
End users to have the capability to change company/ relationship of an activity is planned for H2 2021

Hi @nitisha_rathi is there any update on this feature for users?



@pamela_mackie We are looking into this. We will update a timeline soon.

I would also love to have this functionality available as an admin. I have found that users, especially when logging from GS Home, will often log an activity to the wrong entity (Company vs. Relationship). Right now, we have no way to move them. I would have users delete/recreate, but sometimes they get complicated with threading, and attachments, and recreating them on the correct entity is not really feasible.

Most of the CS Gainsight customers would like to pursue this edit functionality for both the way. Moving it from Company to Relationship and vice versa. Looking it before H2 2021 end for admins the least.  @nitisha_rathi 

@narayanan_s This is not planned yet, but we are looking into various Admin challenges. We will update you once we add it our roadmap.

+1 as well since the Gong integration logs to company, we want our users to be able to edit the gs-created entries with their summary and move to relationship if needed.