More Robust Reporting Options - multiple items with running sums & more

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I realize that reporting is not necessarily GS bread and butter - however I find some reporting functions to be sub-standard. 

Currently you cannot see a running sum for multiple marks, at a minimum it would be great to see this.  

Additionally I would currently like to insert a Reference line as well. see below image as example

Hey Brain,

Thanks for the feedback. We do have "Show cumulative" option for a single field in By. To achieve the use case you're referring to, we need to enable the option for multiple fields in by. In regards to reference line, do you need the option to add a static "Goal" metric to the report?

Please let me know.


Thank you - I am aware you can runtotal a single field. 

Technically the goal is a calculation a % of new new Customers from last month.

However I believe this may not be an option.

therefore a static goal is just fine - we would just need to update it monthly.

thank you
Thanks for posting in the Community, Brian.  And for adding the suggestion to be able to include "goals".  I've spoken to other customers (especially with enterprise CSM teams) that are interesting in being able to load and adjust goals by either quarter or month.  (It would actually be helpful for my own team where my manager is tracking quarterly health score targets)