More customization for List View Field Configuration in Cockpit CTAs

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I would like to show several fields in the Cockpit so I can categorize CTAs quickly without even opening the Customer Success 360 tab. For example it would be useful to see the ACV, the renewal date, customer lifetime in months etc, but I only have the possibility to choose 2 fields. And it's not like there isn't enough space available in the Cockpit section (actually 1/3 of it is empty).


This is a known enhancement request that I have dealt with. I am kicking this into an idea so product can see others are still wanting to add more into this. 


Steve Davis
agree, all should be customizable in the cockpit and use up more of the whitespace there.

Just bumping this request for the product team to add the ability to display CHAR in the cockpit.
This would be incredibly helpful - we'd also like to add the CTA Reason value to the list view.
I would like to group my CTA's by Parent Account name. Once we have a view of tasks, I would like the same thing there. These views need much more flexibility. I can add the parent account name but cannot resize it to show the whole thing. Most of the screen is empty. I cannot reorder the columns or remove the ones I don't need.