Merge relationships.

Posting on behalf of a customer. Recently we’ve released the company merge feature but customer is inquiring about the ability to merge relationships either at the relationship level or at the company level without having to merge the companies.

I don’t think we have this functionality but thought it might be a good idea and wanted to inquire if this was being looked into.

@andrew_biehle - there’s a product idea for merging relationships. Please come help vote it up. 



Yes, we don’t have Relationship merge. Also, if you merge two Companies, each having few Relationships associated with them, the Relationships also get associated to Master Company after Company Merge. Probably, in this use case, Company merge might not be a recommended option!

Hello everyone, we do have plans to provide the Relationships Merge functionality. We may not be able to give out a concrete timeline at this point in time though. We will keep you posted on the updates about this functionality.

Hi All, 

We have an issue here where we have two separate entries sent from the source entry with the same “Commcell Components ID” (i.e. Global ID). This presents the opportunity for the relationship merge functionality here - therefore I wanted to bring this up for awareness with a real world example. 



Looking forward to the planning and the enhanced features at some point from the company down to the relationship. 



@cnichols - Thank you sharing your use case. We will surely keep you posted on the updates about this functionality.

Relationship merge functionality would definitely be useful for us as well. I've spent quite some time recently copying Contacts, Timeline Activities and information from one Relationship to another in order to be able to delete one while retaining all available data.

Would this also solve relationship reassignment? We have a relationship which was erroneously assigned in our internal records, but now has been re-assigned to another customer record and this broke Gainsight’s relationship association. 

Hello @jlicciardello,

Relationship merge might not solve the use case which you have mentioned. It is mainly for combining multiple relationships into one and not for re-assigning a relationship from one company to the other. 

@muralikrishnagopu  - any updates on when this feature might be available?

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This might be something you run into as well in your orgs. We have some duplicate records in relationships and we’ve had CTAs and Timeline Activities created under both duplicate records. Merging relationships would greatly assist us to fix this.

We currently do not leverage relationships but have been working with the Account merge capabilities and can definitely understand the challenges and potential pain-points with this request.  Since we will likely encounter this at some point when we expand into using relationships, it would be great to understand and see this accounted for.  Thanks for the heads-up @jean.nairon !

@jean.nairon thanks for tagging, this is definitely something we need!

End Proctoring-

+1 This would greatly help us as well. I would also echo @jlicciardello statement about consideration for a reparenting option for relationships.

I'm running into cases where this functionality would be useful more and more. It would be great to get an update on whether this is still considered on the roadmap.

I am desperate for this!! I think there are a lot of use cases for this, but the biggest one I’m encountering is just to fix when the relationship automation goes awry and creates duplicate relationships. When we have what are essentially duplicate relationships created (I won’t go into the details but be assured it’s impossible with our data right now to stop this from happening), the team doesn’t always pay attention to or know which relationship they create an activity or a CTA on and so data exists on both. By the time I catch it in my data cleanups it would be easy enough to solve if I could just merge the two relationships together and retain all of the activities, people, success plans, and CTAs in one relationship.

Instead I end up with my head in my hands trying to make judgement calls about whether some of the data is worthless enough that I should just delete a relationship, whether I want to compile a list of activity ids to have support move to the other relationship, or whether there’s so much data between the two that I can’t lose that I just leave the duplicate relationship in our system and mark it as inactive and live with how annoying that is.

Please just enable relationship merge already :pray:

I feel your pain, @mindy . We are experiencing the same thing and Relationship Merge would be crucial to solve this...

Is this on a roadmap? This is the single biggest thing that could be improved for us right now. The lack of being able to merge relationships sometimes makes me want to throw my hands up and give up on Gainsight data accuracy. I’m going to start posting every time the lack of this makes my life very hard. Expect posts weekly...

[Update] - This is on our Roadmap. We are currently gathering the requirements for this. Please feel free to reach out to me on community if you are interested in contributing to the requirements.

I would be happy to help in gathering requirements

I would also be love to help with this. We have a lot of duplicates from the SFDC to NXT migration. 

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@andrew_biehle - there’s a product idea for merging relationships. Please come help vote it up. 



Thanks @jean.nairon for identifying the similar idea… I’ve merged that idea to this thread now.

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Has there been any update on this?  Merging relationships is pretty important to our work.

Let me check around this.

Also wondering about when this may be delivered.