Match values in Adoption explorer without case sensitivtiy

Hi Team,


Posting this enhancement request on behalf of customer.

When a source data for an identifier for instance email is having case insensitive data at source and is loaded into Gainsight, that particular data wouldn’t be resolved at 360 level and will be invisible since the query looks for case insensitive data.

In order to make sure that data is resolved at 360 pages, customer would have to make sure that whatever is the case in Gainsight is matched with Source data.


For instance if I have email as in source and in Gainsight this email is this data will not be correlated since the casing is different in both places.

It would be great  if we can​ support case insensitive matching via backend querying to show them for corresponding company 360 pages.





Hi @jagadeesh_kumar_paidimarri  This resolution via lookup happens via our query API and this is not related to AE alone. The lookup via identifiers is case sensitive.

We may have to think of other ways to solve this problem.   

I just faced this issue when trying to troubleshoot why a bunch of records were being missed in a Rule - turns out it was because the Merge key was case sensitive. I resolved this by adding a transform step to lowercase it all on the anomaly, which is the record which I would be updating with the load action. Then, the load action was not working because the identifier is also case-sensitive!

@rakesh  Can you please check this. The issue being raised is mostly that our queryAPI is case sensitive which is what we expect. Can you check the ask further.