Master calendar for everything scheduled in Gainsight

We'd like to have a master calendar that includes scheduled copilot emails and rules all in one place as opposed to looking at the schedule in CoPilot and then the rules engine timeline. It's just helpful to see what a day looks like for automation in one central location.
Agree this would be a valuable admin asset.
It would get too messy when there are too many rules / outreaches scheduled for each day. I see that # of rules that run per day is ~ 200 for many users. That is why we got the timeline view which you can see how the rules are scheduled for tomorrow. If you had a similar view with all the automated jobs in one timeline, that would be cool right?
What if each rule or outreach had a descriptor "type," i.e. risk cta, event cta, opportunity cta, data load, usage, scorecard, survey, and you could filter the calendar accordingly?

If you had a mockup of what the timeline view would look like that would help.  Right now, we can only see rules that are scheduled to run "tomorrow" - what we need is the ability to see what rules/emails are scheduled to run on[i] any given Monday, Tuesday, etc.  regardless of it is once per week or once per month.   Color coding to signify if it is daily, weekly, etc would be a nice addition as well.
I think one master timeline would suffice (which would include anything automated that's scheduled to run).