Mark a success plan as 'active' once at least 1 objective/task has been marked closed/complete.

We recently launched a series of success plans in draft mode to our team knowing that some could be started immediately and others not for quite some time. In reporting, we've found that may CSMs have started working on the plans (closed out at least some tasks/objectives) but never actually marked the plan as active. I'd love to see this done automatically when the first task or objective is closed/complete.

If not automatic, possibly a pop up when you mark an objective closed/complete that is part of a Draft success plan...ask the CSM 'would you like to change this success plan's status to active?' Same for completed. I know there are some use cases where you may close out all of your current objectives, but not yet be ready to close out the success plan, but a pop up asking ' all objectives are closed would you like to complete the success plan?' would help keep everyone on track!

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