Manual CTA for multiple accounts

Apply CTA for multiple accounts Manually.

Scenario: if a user has to go through a process of adding a CTA manually and has to replicate this for all the accounts that he/she is responsible for, currently the only way is to get into a Customer360 page for all the accounts and create the CTA or through the Cockpit Tab.

It would be easier/convenient (flexibility) if the user is allowed to select multiple accounts from a drop down while creating the CTA.

Hi Gurukiran,

Thanks for the idea. Adding manual CTA for multiple account is in our roadmap but may not be available in short term. I will keep you updated about the ETA.


We recently came across this requirement as well.  Our users are utilizing Gainsight as their sole "To Do" list (plus much, much more).  In order to allow them to add CTAs that were related to multiple accounts or an internal task for all accounts or even unrelated to accounts, we created an account record in Gainsight for our company.  Any references to accounts are then made within the CTA task names.  
+1 for Gurukiran's request. Or if the ability to choose a list of accounts takes very long to implement, how about the ability to clone a CTA and assign it to another account. That would reduce the workload somewhat when manual CTA's are required in several accounts. Or the ability for CSMs to create custom playbooks that are only visible for themselves?
+1 - We would definitely like the ability to clone across accounts. Our use case would be we have a CTA Type for Product Feedback. if more than one customer has the same feedback, we currently have to go into each and create the same CTA. Would be great to add to one account, and then, be able to clone to other accounts. I was thinking maybe on the Customers tab have the ability to check off accounts, and then, click a +CTA button to have a CTA added to all accounts checked.
I was thinking about how to do this the other day, and feel that I could create a temporary rule to create the CTA for a subset of customers. It would be a somewhat tedious rule to setup but I think it would be possible to use a rule that creates the CTAs in bulk. Whether it's quicker to come up with a temporary rule or just create the CTAs manually...I'm not sure.
Hi Liam. Not a bad idea to use rules. However, I would see the operations team as bottle neck and the whole process as too cumbersome. I imagine a situation where a CSM quickly wants to update several of their accounts. e.g. after having sent an event invite to several of their customers. Best case, they could create a manual CTA, choose all the accounts it applies to and create. If they had to come to the Ops Team for rule creation, I don't think that would work.

Using rules to create CTAs for several accounts with certain criteria is still a good idea for company driven activities as opposed to activities that are driven by the CSMs individually or customers. What do you think?
any updates to this functionality?
We need this option as well!!!!
I know the initial response stated that this functionality was not on the "short-term" road map, but that was over a year ago. 

Any update here? 

This would eliminate peripheral checklists and keep our team in Gainsight to manage their tasks as CTAs. 
Going to ping this thread again to try to get some attention :)

This would be a substantial improvement to drive end user adoption and product usage.  
This would also be immensely helpful for our CSMs, especially those with 50+ accounts. We currently run rules to bulk load but we want to empower CSMs to be able to create their own CTAs at scale. 
Need this as well
+1 With a process changing soon to be released, I can see this becoming a common request.  While we can go through the Rules Engine as mentioned earlier - as more people starting using the software, I see where a bottleneck can happen as well.
This feature is greatly needed as it also reduces the considerable amount of Admin time required to update / enter the same CTA for multiple accounts. Please advise how we are able to have this request prioritized for release ASAP.
Hi All,

There are other things that is keeping the team busy, but definitely this is in our radar. For now we do have 'Save and New' option while creating CTA (This would help in reducing few clicks)

Out of the below, whats the most common use-case,

1) Ability to select multiple accounts while creating a CTA

2) Or would like CSM to define a simple rule to create CTA (for this what would be the general logic that a CSM would define? )
I think 1 would probably be the easiest.  I would worry about them being able to create rules.
Yes, #1 would be the most simple and effective option for our organization. Hitesh, thank you for following up on this! 
#1 is definitely the preferable option
#1 - same CTA that applies to multiple accounts or from a manager perspective - same CTA you assign to your entire team for all their accounts at the account level
Thanks for quick reply.
#1 yes
#1 defintely.

Hi, Is there any update on this? Thanks!

I also want to add an activity to many accounts at once. There should perhaps also be a separate notes field for each selected account so that I can enter account-specific notes from a single activity dialog.

Great idea. This would help me save a huge chunk of time in the long run!