Make Timeline + Calendar widget expandable

I also find it annoying that the Timeline + Calendar widget is not expandable.

We’re limited to this very slim and narrow window which is not a great experience when reviewing a whole host of timeline activities.

Would simply like to make it wider!

Hi @wyattfarino 

I created this new idea post from that thread to help us keep a better track of things. 


I understand that you would like to make Timeline widget wider. Can you share a screenshot of your screen or something visual so that I can see how your screen config looks like? Also, how much expandable do you think the widget should be? (How many blocks in the home builder?)

@rakesh here’s a screenshot of my home config (with account info redacted). You can see how squished the timeline view is… I already have to reduce my browser zoom settings because horizon analytics does not use space well.


I can barely see the content of the activity. I’d love to expand to half of available blocks.


Thank you.