Make the Gainsight App More User-Friendly on iPads

Hi all,

We have a user who would like to use his iPad to take notes on within Gainsight while in meetings. While the Gainsight app appears perfectly fine on a mobile device, it does not seem optimized for iPads. When using the app on an iPad, the app appears to be stuck in vertical orientation with no option to orient horizontally. You’ll also notice (see screenshot here, blocked out for security purposes) that the app appears to remain the size as if it were still open on a mobile device. You’ll also see a screenshot of the virtual keyboard that is very difficult to use with the app functioning this way. 

I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions for optimizing the Gainsight app on an iPad, or if this idea may even be in the roadmap as a future implementation. Thanks!



+1! We’ve had numerous users attempt to use an iPad/tablet for notetaking and support for a tabular experience would create more Gainsight fans :slight_smile:

@kstim sorry for the inconvenience. I will cross check the support on this and get back to you on this. 

@kstim @ana_g Unfortunately, we don’t have plans to support iPad and tablets in the near term roadmap.

@sriram pasupathi Okay, thanks for letting us know!

Is there a note-taking app on the iPad that would be best to use with Gainsight?  In terms of ease of transferring notes into Timeline, etc.?