Make the Default My CTAs View on the Cockpit Editable

Make the default My CTAs view on the Cockpit editable by an administrator.  I would like to add the Next Action Due Date field as a column to the My CTAs view for all users, but cannot edit that default view in administration.  Since the Due Date shows only the due date for the CTA, the CSM cannot readily see when Tasks under the CTA are due without opening each CTA.  Tasks are often due before the CTA itself.  

It would be hugely helpful to have better control over the columns presented in Admin built CTA Views! Several columns are set as default / cannot be removed. However, they are not always relevant. For example, health score is one that is consistently blank in our CTA view, yet it takes up valuable real estate. Additionally, none can be easily reorganized so that more important columns can be dragged to be the earlier columns in the view. 

 Any consideration for this request?

After posting I realized my comment is not exactly aligned with the original ask. I’m not seeing an option to edit or delete, so please disregard. I will start a new post.